Protect your paw friend

Fear of rabies causes millions of unnecessary dog deaths every year.

Where rabies is endemic, so is cruelty to dogs. During a cull, dogs are often rounded up and killed – often in the most inhumane, painful and cruel way.  They are shot at, poisoned or beaten to death.

Rabies is preventable

Vaccinating your dog against rabies is the only sure way of ending rabies. It is also the most cost- effective. 

As more dogs are vaccinated, fewer people are bitten by rabid dogs, greatly reducing the demand for costly human vaccines for post-exposure treatment.

September is dedicated to dogs.  As we look forward to mark World Rabies Day on September 28 why not take the first step to learn and tell the world how to better care for their dogs with our tips.


Protect your dog - Protect yourself

Tips to care for your dog

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Three decades of experience

Photo from dog vaccination drive in Freetown, Sierra Leone

That's how long we’ve been fighting for dogs

We've already helped millions of dogs across Africa, Asia and Europe. Now we're calling on more governments in more countries to stop needless culls, proving through our work that only humane and sustainable dog population management works.

Check out the links below for more information on looking after your dog, how rabies can be controlled and our other work of protecting animals.