6 things you didn't know about animals in disasters


When a disaster is about to occur, animals have a way of detecting this through their natural instincts. These can help communities prepare to protect themselves and the animals they keep.

Here are some 6 proven ways;

1.      Cows lower milk production 6 days before an earthquake.

2.      Dogs get agitated, bark and howl just before an earthquake.

3.      Bees disappear insight just before it rains. They sense moisture change and take shelter in their hives.

4.     Elephants are known to cry and panic before earthquakes. They can hear sounds, that are inaudible to humans, due to which they can hear the earthquake coming.

5.      Cats detect weather changes and begin to act restless and strange.

Keeping wild animals like snakes in confined conditions close to humans can lead to diseases

6.      Underground animals detect earthquakes and flee.

Preparing communities to respond quickly to protect animals in disasters, not only saves lives, but helps to reduce the need for long term aid and assistance. Learn more from a blog we published about a disaster response exercise we carried out in Makueni County, Kenya in May 2018.

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