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Posted on 23 October 2018
Farm animals around the world are causing devastating damage to the environment by burping and farting out immense amounts of greenhouse gas. This is highly
Posted on 16 October 2018
513,083 people from 10 countries have signed our petition calling on KFC to give its chickens a life worth living. We’re in Louisville, Kentucky showing the
Posted on 12 August 2018
We know elephants are suffering at tourist attractions. But our new research reveals that their trainers and keepers – known as mahouts – are losing out too.
Posted on 08 June 2018
We’re diving into Home Street, the mobile gaming app, to spread the word on lost and abandoned fishing gear, one of the most harmful threats to wildlife in our
Posted on 07 June 2018
Cattle, pigs, horses and chickens are just some of the animals struggling to survive after Volcán de Fuego erupted in Guatemala on June 3. We’re providing
Posted on 11 July 2018
After a series of dramatic ups and downs, Nepal’s last known "dancing bear" arrived today (July 11) at a specialist sloth bear sanctuary in India. He was