From inhumane transportation, culling to factory farming, animals are going through the worst across the world

But you'll hardly notice because it has been normalized

Animals are sentient beings. Just like you, they feel pain, stress and fear. When you see them tied up, beaten or sick, know that this is not the life they want.

Experience the pain animlas go through

Put headphones on and watch our video to experience the horror animals go through

Stressed. Disoriented. Confined. You can escape it, but animals can’t.

Animals need you

You are the voice that can change the life of animals languishing in agony. It starts with you taking one step to make a difference.


This is cruelty

We know you want to see animals happy. Add your voice by joining our movement to help ask governments, companies and the world to make things better for animals.


The scale of suffering caused by factory farming is truly astounding:

  • 40 billion chickens are subjected to overcrowded factory farms every year
  • Many will have a space smaller than a piece of paper to live in, in barns crammed with up to 10,000 chickens
  • They will spend most of their lives sitting or lying in their own waste
  • Piglets on factory farms have their teeth clipped or ground and tails cut off
  • Three out of four mother pigs are confined to cages the size of a fridge

Moving the world to protect animals

We’re dedicated to improving the lives of as many of the world's 50 billion factory farmed animals as possible

So far, we’ve moved some of the world’s biggest pig producers and supermarkets in the US and Thailand to commit to keeping pregnant pigs out of cages. Now it's time to move KFC to do the right thing for chickens

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