Dolphin used for photos at Resort World Sentosa, Singapore

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Advocating for animals' well-being since 1950

For more than 70 years, we've been championing the cause to eliminate cruelty and suffering towards animals. During this period, we've expanded our reach and impact. We've played a crucial role in elevating the awareness of animal welfare on a worldwide stage, bringing about substantial enhancements in the treatment of both farm and wild animals.

Pecking Order

The Pecking Order

Fast food giants are failing chickens. Our rating system exposes just how badly they're failing

Raise Pigs Right

Given the choice, pigs would spend hours roaming around and foraging for food.

Ghosts beneath the waves

Producers and distributors of seafood have a huge role to play

Change for chickens

Billions of chickens who experience unbearable suffering on factory farms.

Moratorium on factory farming

There are more than 70 billion land-based animals consumed annually

Animal Welfare and Climate Change Nexus Story Grants

World Animal Protection seeks to collaborate with journalists to transform the global food system