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Fired up? Ready for change? Then help move the world – support our current campaigns to stop animal cruelty and suffering today.


Support our current campaigns and help to create a world where animal suffering is never acceptable

Throughout our history, our supporters have campaigned to make life better for animals – persuading governments, international bodies, companies, communities and individuals to get serious about protecting animals. Thanks to our supporters, we’ve made life better for billions of animals. We’ve stopped animal cruelty around the world. And we continue to speak up and speak out every day – with support from people like you, who know that change is always possible. 

Chicken in a factory farm

Support Sustainable Animal Agriculture

There is an urgent need to take action on the pressing issue of factory farming and its impact on the global climate crisis. We believe that by recognizing and promoting sustainable animal agriculture practices, we can create a positive change for our planet and all its inhabitants.

Lioness behind fence

Take a Stand Against Wildlife Exploitation


Wildlife exploitation is a global crisis that demands urgent attention. In key industry sectors like tourism, traditional medicine, fashion, and exotic pets, animals endure unimaginable This heartless pursuit of financial gain comes at the cost of wildlife, causing severe suffering of animals and habitat loss.