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Food Systems

Farmed animals deserve good lives, free from cruelty and exploitation.

Man walking through crowded chicken shed - World Animal Protection

No Future For Factory Farming

Demonstrate irrefutably that factory farming harms, rather than feeds, the world by exposing its hidden costs and damaging impacts on animals, communities, food security, the environment and climate.


Food Revolution

Accelerate the shift to a humane and sustainable food system that prioritizes plant-based proteins and high-welfare farming. One that respects our planet. We work with the industry, its regulators, and communities to make this change – before it’s too late.

Fairer Finance

Disrupting public and private financial systems that prop up factory farming and seek to redirect financial support toward more humane and sustainable food systems.

Food Systems

Our food system is broken.

Factory farming is the biggest cause of animal cruelty in the world.

Under horrendous conditions, animals are reared, transported, and slaughtered in their billions in an industrial global food system driven by profits.

Our addiction to meat, fuelled by failed policies, corporate greed and unscrupulous marketing campaigns, is causing animal suffering on an unimaginable scale. It is driving climate change, pollution, antibiotic resistance and destroying wild animal habitats.

Farmed animals are seen as cogs in a machine, not living beings, who feel pain, fear and anguish.

We will work with a growing number of allies, demanding change to a food system that damages animals, people and our planet. We will come together to transform this system. Forever

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