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2nd Africa Protein Summit



The 2nd Africa Protein Summit recently brought together experts, researchers, policymakers, and advocates from various fields for a transformative event focused on the critical topic of protein consumption in Africa.

This dynamic summit aimed to explore the challenges and opportunities surrounding the consumption of animal-derived foods from intensive farming systems. With a shared vision of creating a sustainable and ethical protein landscape, the summit sparked engaging discussions and innovative ideas.

The summit served as a unique platform for stakeholders to collaborate and share knowledge. Participants from different sectors gathered to understand the multifaceted issues associated with protein consumption and factory farming practices. This cross-disciplinary approach fostered an enriching exchange of ideas, providing fresh perspectives on how to address the complex challenges at hand.

Throughout the summit, attendees examined the impact of protein consumption on various aspects, including animal welfare, public health, and environmental sustainability. The discussions delved into the consequences of intensive animal agriculture, such as greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, and deforestation. As the demand for meat and animal products continues to rise, understanding these far-reaching effects is essential for finding viable and ethical solutions.

Below, you will find the presentations from our esteemed speakers, delving into topics ranging from sustainable animal agriculture to alternative protein sources. Additionally, we have recorded all the insightful sessions, ensuring you don't miss a single moment of this transformative event.


  1. A case for a moratorium on Factory Farming in the Global South
  2. Basic Human Nutrition Policy provisions in Kenya
  3. Climate change presentation - DVS
  4. Environmental and Social Impacts of selected Poultry Farms within Nairobi Metropolitan Area, Kenya
  5. KAP Survey on Protein Consumption in Kenya
  6. Livestock for better Nutrition Research lessons from East Africa
  7. Meat exhaustion day - FOUR PAWS ZA
  8. Sustainable Alternative Sources of Proteins Benefits, Challenges and Opportunities

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