Free range Cows

Fairer Finance

We work with the food industry to improve animal welfare and keep animals in an environment where they can benefit from a live worth living.

Money is the primary factor for most decisions within the current food and agriculture industries. For many food producers, quick profit gains outweigh the costs to animals, the environment and human health. And governments contribute to the damaging effects of factory farms through subsidies and other incentives.

Fairer Finance

More than 80% of global farmland is used to raise animals, which provide only 18% of calories eaten. Reversing the rising trend of meat consumption removes the pressure to clear new land and further damage wildlife. It also frees up existing land for the second solution, restoring native ecosystems to increase biodiversity

Our Objectives

With your support, we ramp up efforts to transform financial and economic systems that prop up factory farming by:

  • Pushing both development banks and private investors to ensure obligatory sustainability criteria for investments that prioritise animal welfare and the environment.
  • Ensuring global trade compliance with antibiotic reduction regulations.
  • Demanding more transparency from companies and strengthening rules for due diligence and reporting on the environmental impacts of factory farming.
  • Moving companies and countries to commit to specific targets for reducing their investment in factory farmed meat and monitor progress towards achieving them.
  • Influencing policies to support stricter regulations on animal welfare requirements and redirect industry subsidies and financial incentives to high welfare systems.

We want financial institutions to acknowledge the negative impacts on animals, people and our planet generated by factory farming.

It’s time to use their power to change the way the world works. This means putting pressure on companies to improve their practices; introducing animal welfare, climate or biodiversity criteria that will reduce investment to factory farming; and investing more in humane and sustainable proteins.

We believe fairer finance is beneficial for animal welfare and a more sustainable future, which can also reinforce companies’ economies of scale and market competitiveness in a long term.