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How did Domino's Inc score in our chicken welfare rating?

The Pecking Order

The Pecking Order: Domino's North America

Fast food isn’t worth the needless suffering of billions of chickens

The Pecking Order grades fast food giants against three criteria for chicken welfare.
Here’s how Domino's Inc stacks up:

Failing: Domino’s Inc. has no policy on improving chicken welfare.

Failing: Domino’s Inc. has no targets to improve chicken welfare.

Failing: Domino’s Inc. does not report on its progress towards better chicken welfare.

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Fast food is failing

Our comprehensive report has revealed the shocking lack of commitment or care by these billion-dollar fast food companies. Allowing chickens to suffer to maximise profits is unacceptable.

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The Pecking Order

Pizza Hut

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The Pecking Order

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The Pecking Order


The Pecking Order