Take a Stand Against Wildlife Exploitation


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The bad news

Wildlife exploitation is a global crisis that demands urgent attention. In key industry sectors like tourism, traditional medicine, fashion, and exotic pets, animals endure unimaginable suffering. This heartless pursuit of financial gain comes at the cost of wildlife, causing severe suffering of animals and habitat loss.

In some tourism industries, following forceful extraction from their natural habitats or breeding in captivity, these animals are cruelly forced into lifetime of suffering in these attraction facilities to perform unnatural tricks to attract tourists. Their natural instincts are suppressed, and they suffer immense physical and psychological stress, confined to cramped enclosures that mimic nothing of their natural habitats.

Traditional medicine practices drive the wildlife trade, where thousands of animals are poached and slaughtered for their body parts, believed to have medicinal properties. This ruthless market endangers species and disrupts ecosystems, causing irreversible damage to the delicate balance of nature.

The exotic pet trade adds to this heartrending tale of suffering. Wild animals are illegally captured and sold as pets, their lives reduced to mere commodities. These once free-roaming beings are confined to cages, deprived of their natural behaviours and the life they were meant to live.

The consequences of wildlife exploitation are far-reaching, leading to imbalances in ecosystems, biodiversity loss, and the potential transmission of zoonotic diseases, as we have witnessed with recent outbreaks. It's time to address this urgent crisis and demand change from those perpetuating these cruel industries.


We advocate for sustainable and compassionate practices in these sectors, where the welfare of animals is upheld, and their natural habitats are respected. We are calling for regulations, stricter enforcement, and ethical guidelines  that protect wildlife and ensure their well-being is prioritized.


What can you do?

Join us in standing up against wildlife exploitation in tourism, traditional medicine, and exotic pet industries. By signing this petition, you become an advocate for the voiceless, driving change and raising awareness of the cruelty inflicted upon innocent beings.

Take a Stand Against Wildlife Exploitation