Lion in captive facility, South Africa

Wildlife farming

Ending commercial exploitation

What is wildlife farming?

Wildlife farming involves breeding and raising wild animals for commercial purposes, such as selling the animals or their products for profit.

This global practice leads to the exploitation of millions of wild animals, which are often sold as pets, used in Traditional Medicine, or exploited in the fashion, entertainment, and tourism industries.

Animals impacted by wildlife farming

Millions of wild animals worldwide are bred and exploited for profit through the practice of wildlife farming.

We urgently call for action to prevent these highly sentient, long-lived species being exploited by commercial industries.

Leading industries

These industries showcase some of the worst ongoing exploitation of wildlife for profit. What worsens the situation is that national regulations often encourage treating these animals as commodities, perpetuating the cycle of abuse.

Commercially bred captive lion at poor quality facility

Bred for profit

In a world where wild animals are ruthlessly exploited for profit our report, "Bred for Profit", delves into the global scale of wildlife farming and how to make this the last generation of wild animals exploited for commercial gain.

Lion cub in captivity at South Africa facility

Captive Lion Breeding

The commercial captive lion breeding industry treats lions as commodities, disregarding the intrinsic value of these wild animals, and cruelly exploiting them for financial gain.