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Lion in captivity
Wildlife exploitation is a global crisis that demands urgent attention. In key industry sectors like tourism, traditional medicine, fashion, and exotic pets, animals endure unimaginable This heartless pursuit of financial gain comes at the cost of wildlife, causing severe suffering of animals and habitat loss.
factory farming world health day
There is a deepening crisis facing animals around the world today and its scale is alarming. Sign the petition and ask your government to set up a moratorium on factory farming.
Caged lions
Diseases, injuries, malnutrition and obesity, lack of clean water, and abnormal behaviors like excessive pacing and self-mutilation. These are just a fraction of the negative welfare outcomes associated with the breeding and keeping of lions in captivity. Sign this petition to support our Open Letter to the South African government
Chicks in an industrial farm in Kenya
Millions of animals are suffering right now. When did our world become so cruel? Does the life of an animal mean nothing at all? Join us to end animal cruelty