a chicken in a farm

5 things you didn't know about chicken


Chickens are among the most intelligent birds in the world. They exhibit some of the most fascinating behavior that you probably never knew about.

  1. They form strong family ties. A mother hen starts bonding with its chicks before they are hatched. When born, she ten teaches them how to feed, drink and roost.
  2. Chicken have more bones in their necks more than the giraffe. They swallow their food whole and use the gizzard to digest.
  3. Chicken are right – footed just as most human beings are right – handed. They also see the same color range.
  4. Chicken love having a private nest in which they lay their eggs. They will even go without food and water if necessary to use a nest.
  5. Chicken create high social bonds. They will protect their families and will mourn when a loved one is lost.

Life of an industrial farmed chicken

The reality of most factory bred chicken is daunting. They are kept in metal sheds and wire cages with the aim of producing the most milk, egg and meat as quickly and as cheaply as possible and in the smallest amount of space possible.

In these spaces they can hardly turn around, exercise or perch. All their energy is consumed in production causing painful lameness and breathing problems. Some factories, use genetically modified food to quickly increase their sizes in readiness for the market. Others spray them with insecticides and antibiotics which stay in their bodies and get passed on to people through food.

You can read more about this in our new report, 'Exposing the secret suffering of chickens farmed for meat'.

Take action

Join us in urging KFC to improve the lives of the chicken they rear for consumption by increasing their welfare.

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