Tennyson Williams - Africa Director speaking during the Animal Welfare Roundtable

Encouraging better global chicken welfare standards in industrial farms


On 20th July, we marked our second #ChangeForChickens roundtable in Nairobi.

The meeting was geared towards launching a report that outlines the unacceptable treatment of factory bred chicken.

This was meant to elicit a discussion that encourages the need to develop industry standards that will manage the broiler breeding system.

The reality for broiler chicken

Behind chicken, the world’s favorite meat, is a shocking cost that increases daily as the global demand grows. Hidden from consumers, absent from restaurant menus and food labelling, is an appalling catalogue of suffering.

It features the painful heart, skin, lung and bone problems and unimaginable stress suffered by industrially-farmed chickens forced to live in dismal conditions and grow as big as possible in the shortest possible time.

You can read more about this in our new report, 'Exposing the secret suffering of chickens farmed for meat'.

Adding a voice for change

Dr. Victor Yamo, Campaign Manager, Humane Sustainable Agriculture - World Animal Protection did a presentation on the best chicken welfare practices that ought to be adopted by farmers. He also coordinated a panel discussion comprised of Dr. Eric Muraguri – Large - scale broiler farmer and Dr. Thomas Kaudia - World Poultry Science Association, Kenya branch who emphasized on giving proper care to chicken informed by their long- standing experience the broiler sector.

In attendance, was industry players, students, farmers, academicians, the media and social media enthusiasts who contributed to the discussion around;

·       Slow growth rates

·       Access to natural light

·       Enough space to perch

·       Improved litter

“We sought to involve Industry players especially at the production level because they are the key drivers of the poultry welfare agenda. They (Industries) are the ones to determine the future of poultry production

Also by holding such meetings we seek to engage with them and get them to understand that we are attacking them but rather wish to work with them to develop standards and sustainable solutions that improve Chicken welfare” – Dr.  Victor Yamo - Campaign Manager, Humane Sustainable - World Animal Protection

Taking meaningful action

Two stakeholders committed to work with us to set up a high welfare poultry production demo farm that will be used to train local farmers on best practices.

The challenge with farmers, is the lack of grounded knowledge on how to take care of their chicken. Their decimal skills is a consequence of apprenticeship, that  fuels grounds for the recurrence of mistakes.

Change For Chickens

Together we can change this.

We’re challenging KFC to improve the lives of the millions of chickens that the company serves to its customers around the world. We want the company to commit to criteria, which will see slower growing birds with more space, litter and natural light to allow for a better quality of life.

Sign our petition now, challenging KFC to help end the secret suffering of chickens.

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