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How to show love for animals this valentine’s day


What is love? A word with many different definitions and interpretations over time, but one of the simpler ones being ‘A willingness to prioritize another’s well-being or happiness above your own’. This extends to animals and our interaction with them, your small, everyday choices can help animals and make the world a better place for them.

Whether Furred, feathered, skinned, scaled, or shelled here are some ways you can show love for animals.

1.Eating less meat and more plant protein


Our food choices are based on a lot of considerations – access, price, our health, taste, tradition, environmental impact and hopefully, animal welfare. The good news is that adding more plant-based options to your diet like beans and lentils or swapping out your milk, meat or eggs for a veggie alternative can often have a positive effect on all those considerations.

2. Being an animal-friendly traveller


This year being the Year of the Tiger - a symbol of strength and bravery. Sadly though, many animals including lions, bear, and tigers (only to mention a few) are very vulnerable to extinction due to poaching, climate change and the exploitative wildlife trade for traditional medicine and tourist entertainment. Not only is the wildlife trade cruel to animals, but it’s also dangerous for people. Almost 75% of emerging infectious diseases affecting human health originate in wildlife. You can do your part by taking a pledge to be an animal-friendly traveller and never taking a selfie with a captive animal.

3.Protect more animals in need


In previous years, you’ve helped protect millions of animals around the world – from disasters, on farms and in the wild.

You could help us achieve even more by joining us and help sign petitions, open letters, and share content geared towards animal welfare. Your involvement could help end the cruel trade in wild animal, persuade legislative bodies change/set policies and transform the global food system to give farmed animals lives free from suffering.

4.Be a voice for animals!


One of the most impactful ways you can help animals anytime is to speak up and share information about their suffering. Post on Facebook, Tweet about, make a video - just help get the word out so that others can learn about the issues and make better choices to create lasting change for animals. Not sure where to start? Follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram LinkedIn or YouTube.

Thank you for helping to protect countless animals around the world.

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