A community dog in Makueni during a vaccination

Learn how to protect your dog friends


Better lives for dogs? Why do dogs deserve a better life? Why bother about their lives at all?

Every dog owner knows that his/her dog views them as their companion. It’s also a common phrase that a dog is man’s best friend. A dog’s loyalty to their owner cannot be matched by any other animal.

There are over 200 different known breeds of dogs in the world ranging from the common street dogs also known as Kenyan/Kangemi shepherd to the priced Chihuahua and the famous German shepherd dogs. All these are bred for various reasons or purposes depending on their unique physic and capabilities. Some of the common purposes include companionship, security, hunting and sniffing.

Giving care to dogs

The longevity of service and life of a dog is dependent on the conditions it’s kept in. Dogs can live an active life of more than 15 years which is equivalent to 90 or more human years. They are however denied this luxury when poorly fed, kept in small confinements, exposed to bacteria causing diseases, mistreatment and uncontrolled breeding hence reducing food resources.

Tips to making a better life for your dogs.

·       Give them adequate food each day. For puppies, feed at least twice and for adults, one meal a day can suffice.

·       Provide for them clean water

·       Keep them in a house/kennel that is clean, well ventilated and spacious

·       Vaccinate them annually against rabies and other viral diseases

·       Deworm them regularly

·       Control breeding

·       Take them out for a walk or give them a compound where they can exercise.

·       Treat them with kindness and they’ll forever be loyal

Protecting your dogs during disasters

Learning how to become a better animal keeper, puts you in a position to give animals a good life. Download our tips to protecting your dogs during a disaster

By: Peter Mwangi - Final year Veterinary Medicine Student at The University of Nairobi




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