Animals need our love

The animals we live with in our forests, parks, communities and even our homes play a critical role to our day to day lives. Millions of people across the globe depend on their animals for food, to earn a living, as companions, for status, to stay healthy and to stay safe. This fundamental link plays a critical role to the economic growth of the globe.

Learning how to be a better animal keeper, puts you in a better position to give animals a good life.

Animals have feelings too

When animals are neglected or mistreated, they endure suffering and in worst case scenarios, death. 

Animals can experience pain, stress, hunger, cold and recognize their relationships with other animals.

Animals live complex social lives involving communication, organized groups and family bonds.

By accepting that animals are sentient beings we’ll have marked the beginning of the fight against cruelty.

Global animal welfare reality

Animals are often the forgotten victims of disasters. The immediate response during disasters is to rescue communities. Animals are left to fend for themselves without food and shelter. This exposes them to terminal illnesses causing death, affecting the recovery of communities.


As we share love to people we care about, let us also remember that animals need us too and together we can ensure they are safe and happy.

Be our champion today by getting yourself our tips to protecting your animals.

A lesson a day, keeps animal suffering at bay.

                                                                               Become an animal champ

A piece of your heart rests with the animals you love. Learn how to take care of them when a disaster occurs

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