A new world for animals-

A New World for Animals


Welcome to A New World For Animals – Our new 2021- 2030 Strategy

There is a deepening crisis facing animals around the world and it's scale is alarming. Our growing population, urbanisation and increasing economic prosperity are driving greater demand for animal products and placing more pressure on animal habitats. If left unchecked, this demand for animals and their scale of suffering will continue to accelerate. 

  • At least 1.6 trillion wild animals are killed and suffer through people’s actions every year.
  • More than 70 billion land based farm animals are consumed annually. Most are cruelly confined to industrial, low-welfare systems.

Our new strategy – A New World for Animals recognizes the deepening crisis facing animals around the world today due to people actions. The strategic interests are recorded in two broad goals as;

  1. Ensuring farmed animals live good lives by transforming the global food system, and
  2. Stopping the cruel exploitation of wild animals as commodities by changing the systems that allow this.

These goals are bold and ambitious. To achieve them we must focus all our efforts on addressing the root causes of animal cruelty, and the issues that most closely affect the future health of animals, people, and planet through a One Welfare - One Health approach, and rights of nature. When we succeed, we will end the biggest causes of animal suffering and cruelty on the planet, taking billions of animals out of a cruel cycle of abuse and exploitation, apportioning them a life worth living.

Download our 2021-2030 strategy by clicking here

Together, we will change the way the world works to end animal cruelty and suffering. Forever. 

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To create the biggest impact for animals, we will give our undivided attention to two goals over the next 10 years. We won’t stop, until we succeed.

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