Volunteers at one of the external public activities.

The power of volunteers


During our 'Change For Chickens' campaign this month, we worked with volunteers to collect petitions urging KFC to improve standards for factory grown chicken.

The group of 6 volunteers come from different institutions in Kenya and are passionate about animal welfare. Across different events, they spoke to the public about animal freedoms and urged them to sign the petition.

In an interview with one of the volunteers, he said ''I volunteered with World Animal Protection because I am passionate about animals. I want to see them live in a clean and safe environment, free of dirt, confinement and without suffering. '' 


With their support, we collected 1126 petitions sign ups out of the 6333 we managed in Africa during the campaign.

You too can volunteer with us. If you have a passion for animals and would like to engage with us in the future, write to us on africaenquiries@worldanimalprotection.org and tell us your story on why you love animals.


Born to suffer

Too often the reality behind the world’s favourite meat is unacceptable suffering, which only increases as demand for chicken grows.

Sixty billion meat chickens are raised for global consumption each year. Two thirds of them live in overcrowded sheds or cages often with no natural light or fresh air, unable to peck or spread their wings.

Due to their overgrown size and the speed at which they are raised, many will suffer:

  • painful lameness
  • overworked hearts and lungs
  • wounds including skin sores and burns.

They have no chance to behave as they would naturally, and have no choice but to sit or stand in their own waste before being slaughtered at as young as just five weeks old.

You can read more about this in our new report, 'Exposing the secret suffering of chickens farmed for meat.'

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