World Animal Protection team and University of Nairobi dons

Renewed hope for the Kenyan farm animal


The University of Nairobi, Kenya through Professor Lily Bibora has committed to start talking about animal welfare in all international antibiotics resistance meetings attended.

This comes after the realization that irresponsible use of antibiotics in farm animals cannot be spoken about in isolation from animal welfare.

The commitment was made during the launch of the BBFAW report, led by Victor Yamo – Campaign Manager Humane Sustainable Agriculture at the monthly animal welfare roundtable on 22nd March 2018.

In addition, a day after the meeting, Kenchic, the largest integrated poultry farm in East and Central Africa invited us to have a sit down with them to discuss how they can incorporate animal welfare in their core business.

Insights from #BBFAW

Business Benchmark for Farm Animal Welfare reveals that companies are making commitments to improve animal welfare. This means that countries need to ensure that their animal welfare regulations are implemented.

While it is not clear when these commitments by companies will be actioned, we are happy that strides are been made to protect farm animals that continue to bear the brunt of poor welfare.

Animal Welfare Roundtable

The Animal Welfare Roundtable is a monthly conversation that brings together academia, corporates, government, NGOs and the media to discuss key issues on animal welfare to in turn drive policy change. It also helps to clarify misconceptions and allows for participants to share their views on what needs to be done to ensure animals have a good life.

This initiative was begun in 2016 to help the public understand that animal welfare is not a foreign concept but the everyday treatment we give to animals.

We have so far held over 10 roundtables that have created extensive awareness across the African continent.

Twitter Barazas

The BBFAW report was also launched online through our monthly Twitter Baraza (conference) on 27th March. The Baraza brings together young tech savvy individuals from all walks of life to educate the online publics on animal welfare. This was started in 2016 and so far, 10 gatherings have been held.

BBFAW generated an engaging conversation online with people asking questions and seeking clarification why farm animal welfare is important. We managed to reach 1million people organically using targeted messages, managed to develop 1978 tweets and pull 115 people to the  discussion through the hashtags #AnimalsMatterAF #ChangeForChickens #BBFAW.

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