Thanks to you, we gave nearly 1.7 billion animals better lives in 2017

Thanks to you, we gave nearly 1.7 billion animals better lives in 2017


As we welcome the new year, we’re reflecting on the impact we’ve had on animals around the world during 2017

We helped nearly two billion animals over the past 12 months. This incredible achievement is thanks to our supporters’ passion and commitment to animal protection.


Inspiring travel companies to protect elephants

During the year, we worked with 193 travel operators to make sure they stop offering elephant rides.

Elephants belong in the wild. They shouldn’t be used as tourist entertainment. When elephants are used for tourist rides, they are often kept in poor conditions.

This life of captivity begins with severe trauma, with young elephants separated from their mothers before suffering a harsh training process to break their spirits. This makes them submissive enough to perform tricks and give rides to tourists.

We educated leading travel companies about the harmful effects of using elephants for tourist entertainment. We’re hoping even more travel operators are inspired become elephant-friendly in 2018.


This elephant lives at a higher welfare venue in Thailand and can roam in its natural enviroment. 

Wildlife Selfie Code campaign

We also exposed the shocking realities of wildlife selfies in the Amazon in 2017. Wild animals are often taken out of their natural homes to be passed around for tourist selfies. This human contact can cause them severe trauma and physical suffering.

250,000 of you signed up to our Wildlife Selfie Code and made a real impact for wild animals. Because of this incredible support, we influenced Instagram – one of the world’s biggest social media sites – to help solve the problem.

Now, when Instagram users search for hashtags like #slothselfie and #swimmingwithdolphins, they are shown a message which warns them about the harmful impacts of wildlife selfies. By educating Instagram users, we’re taking a huge step towards ending the trend of taking harmful wildlife selfies. 

sloth selfie

Thanks to your support, Instagram is educating its users on the harmful impact of wildlife selfies. 

Hurricane Irma response

After Hurricane Irma devastated the Caribbean, we helped 850,000 farm animals and pets.

Irma was the strongest Atlantic hurricane in history. In September, we deployed to help the forgotten victims of the disaster – thousands of animals.

We worked with Caribbean experts, veterinarians and governments to give medical assistance and shelter to animals affected by the hurricane.


We helped protect dogs like this one after Hurricane Irma caused destruction across the Caribbean. 

Influencing KFC

After 200,000 of you signed our petition, we met with KFC to urge it to improve conditions for the millions of chickens it uses.

The chickens in KFC’s supply chain live in cramped conditions and are forced to grow too fast, which has a hugely negative impact on their lives.

You helped us influence KFC and we continue to demand a better life for chickens.  


With you behind us, we're urging KFC to give better lives to the chickens they use. 

Our work with dogs

In 2017 we continued our work protecting dogs in Sierra Leone and Kenya by delivering rabies vaccination programmes.

99% of rabies cases in humans are contracted through dog bites. So we’re not only helping dogs through these vaccinations – but also helping local people and communities too. We’re giving dogs and people better lives.   


Our programmes in places like Sierra Leone are helping both dogs and communities. 

Thank you

Thank you for all your amazing support in 2017. It’s helped us give better lives to 1.7 billion animals around the world.

Let’s continue protecting animals in 2018 together.  

Let’s continue protecting animals in 2018 together.

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