Tennyson Williams speaking about our campaign work in Nairobi

Youthful voices for social change


On 6th-7th July 2017, we organized a Social media training in Nairobi aimed at equipping young tech-savvy keyboard wizards with key skills and knowledge around animal welfare communication.

The training attracted 30 participants comprised of students, social media influencers and social change activists. The attendees are regularly involved in our monthly Twitter Conferences, where we engage tech-savvy youth in our discussions, to extend the conversation on animal welfare online.

Deconstructing the myth

Animal Welfare is a concept often misconstrued for Animal Rights, hence we found it critical to empower our youthful ambassadors with the right language and information.

Their regular participation and commitment to the cause continuously proves the power of social media in moving the world to care and act for animals.

Our main objectives included:

·        To empower the young people with basic social media skills (Do’s and Don’ts) 

·        To educating them on the importance of effective communication on social media, with regards to our campaigns (Relevance) 

·        To understand and track social media trends, especially in Africa.

Power of the Internet

 “We are a campaign organization, we deliver much of our work through campaigns. That requires us to be innovative. With the internet penetration and youthful population that Africa enjoys, we are tapping into the strength of the continent to deliver successful campaigning. 

"That depends on the knowledge of what you are campaigning, what your target audience is – This requires guidance and that’s why we have experts in the room that will take you through the journey.”

Tennyson Williams – Country Director, Africa

Effective utilization of social platforms 

 “Don’t lose your personal touch, don’t be complacent either- there is always someone who sees what you tweet. Always have a right strategy at the right time, and leverage your unique qualities and assets in four dimensions of social marketing: Connect, Engage, Integrate and Influence”

 Fred Kithinzi – Digital Strategist, Belva Digital

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