Ingrid Giskes


Hi, I'm Ingrid Giskes, global head of the Sea Change campaign at World Animal Protection.

I live right next to the beach where the Australian series Home and Away is filmed. The whales, sharks and dolphins in my backyard deliver daily inspiration to fight for our oceans.

I have been working at World Animal Protection for the past six years, and am passionate about driving our Sea Change campaign forward, and protecting our oceans and the life within them. To achieve this, I work together with companies, high-level policy makers, fellow NGOs, fishers, fishing gear manufacturers, and divers.

I am determined to make a long-term and sustainable difference for sea animals.

When I'm not working to protect marine life, I love ocean swimming, pilates, running, cooking, exploring new countries and cultures, reading, drinking chai tea, and eating lots of salty liquorice.

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